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10 Summer Dental Care Tips To Keep You Smiling

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Summer Dental Care: Long, fun, indulgent and carefree days are what summer is all about, but that doesn’t mean your oral health routine has to suffer.

We may not be as disciplined when we are on vacation, attending backyard barbecues or enjoying impromptu beach trips, but you can allow yourself some indulgence with these Summer Dental Care tips in mind. We want you to keep your mouth healthy, happy and smiling all summer long!

Just chill and veg out – Chill fresh fruits or prepare chopped veggies to have on hand for a healthier alternative to sweets and desserts.

Floss travels light! Pack some in your beach bag for cleanings between meals and all those fabulous events.

Safety first – beware of wet surfaces at pools and on decks and wear a mouthguard during summer sports to avoid falls or injury that can damage teeth.

family summer pool fun

Brush up on your negotiation skills – summer time can be the most difficult to get kids to brush on schedule. Use Ribbit’s Brush Chart to help them stay on track. Consider a fun outdoor activity as a reward. You can choose something you planned anyway – we promise your secret is safe with us!

Avoid sticky situations – if you have loose teeth, wear dentures or braces, it is best to entirely avoid things like corn on the cob or salt water taffy (we’re sorry).

Ice chips. Literally. – When enjoying a cold drink, avoid the temptation to chomp on ice chips that can crack or chip your teeth.

Drink responsibly – sports drinks are high in sugar and acidity and can damage enamel. Fruit or citrus juice and sparkling water can be a healthier alternative, but are also high in acidity. Ice coffee and black tea can stain your teeth. If you want a caffeine boost, opt for green or herbal tea. If you must imbibe, the best rule with alcohol is always to keep it light – in color and intake. Depending on the drink, alcoholic beverages can stain your teeth and are usually ripe with harmful sugar and/or acidity. Alcohol consumption can also decrease the saliva flow that naturally washes away bacteria, inviting the risk of tooth decay. Choose water more often and always rinse after sugary drinks and all snacks or meals.

friends laughing over dinner

Me time – take advantage of a lighter schedule during summer break to explore Cosmetic options or get in your periodic check-up. Our Comfort Menu will have you feeling like you are visiting the spa!

Take the kids on a journey – on the path to good oral health habits! Keystone Kids can rack up points in their passports for cool prizes!

Remember – summer is for ice cream, not “I Scream!” If you sense a problem, don’t postpone a trip to our office.

kids enjoying summer ice cream

We always encourage you to call us at the first sign of trouble to avoid emergency treatment, risk of complicating your condition and affecting your overall health.

Hakuna Matata!

Your friends at Keystone Dental Arts!

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