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The Benefits of a Healthy Smile

Picture yourself in a room full of people you don’t know. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe you’re nervous. You may even feel a bit lonely. Searching the crowd, you look for a familiar face. You make eye contact with someone, and then…

…they smile!

With that tiny twitch of the muscles everything can change. Every culture acknowledges the smile as being a sign of happiness and acceptance, making it a far more universal greeting than the handshake, bow or hug (which may actually be taboo in some places). Moods can improve, stress can be lifted, and strangers can become friends, all because someone smiled.

Having a healthy smile can give you the confidence to share your smile with others, and in turn lead to some surprising benefits:

  1. People who have a healthy smile are perceived as being confident, happy, friendly, and trustworthy, and are more likely to feel a greater sense of self-worth than those who rarely smile.

  2. A study in the UK found that 70% of people surveyed find women more attractive when they smile than when they wear make-up.

  3. When you smile, endorphins and serotonin are released, making you feel good while also lowering your blood pressure. Your immune system also gets a boost, so if you want to avoid the common cold be sure to show off your pearly whites!

  4. Researchers have found that when someone looks at a photo they typically guess the age of the subject to be younger if the subject in the photo is smiling.

  5. And let’s face it–smiling is fun! It’s hard to think negative thoughts when you’re smiling, so even if you don’t “feel” like it, give it a try. It might surprise you!

Do you feel your mood improve when you smile? Have you noticed its effect on those around you?

Do you feel confident when you smile?

Talk with Dr. Christian about ways that Keystone Dental Arts can help you feel more confident in your smile. 

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